My Tiny Work From Home Space

Ever wonder what being a primarily remote freelance artist looks like in a "junior"one bedroom apartment? Here’s a little peek at my workspace! I spend about 75-80% of my time right here, set up in the corner of our living room. My printer lives under the TV (which is about a foot away from my desk), and when we have "studio" headshot sessions, we tear apart our living room to set up. It's an ordeal, lol, but it's been worth it.

This is my desk. I LOVE it. It belonged to my great grandmother, and I’ve been eyeing it since I was a very little girl. I try to keep it pretty clutter-free just because their isn’t a ton of space. I’ll often put my wireless keyboard on the shelf underneath my computer if I need to switch to my laptop or if I want to use my iPad. Sometimes I’ll even put my laptop on a stand over by the light and watch/listen to Netflix while I work on the desktop. Im lucky to have 9 drawers to put things in as well. Most of the art I create is made on my desktop.

IMHO, no office space is complete without a cup of coffee. Or two, or three. Mine is in a New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (my alma mater) mug. Also pictured is my 12 month planner by Bando. 2020 was the worst POSSIBLE year to get a planner. The day I had to go through and scratch out my plans (because I use color-coded pens - see below) was a very, very sad one. Check out the adorable BT21 baggy I keep them in. :)

Also pictured above is one of my artist books. I keep Warhol and Kahlo on my desk, as I find their work particularly inspiring. I also keep a PANTONE The 20th Century in Color book out on my desk because I refer to it constantly. A lot of my work is inspired by the early 20th century, so it’s super helpful to be able to reference historically accurate color palettes to pull into my own work.

I keep this portrait of Frida Kahlo (originally created as part of the Womxn Behaving Badly series) on my desk as inspiration as well. I have an inexplicable connection to her and her work, so I like having her there. Also pictured, my Nintendo Switch Lite, which normally isn’t on my desk but since my friends bought me Animal Crossing New Horizon’s, it’s become my go-to break activity. BTW, my friend code is: - SW-8050-6126-2832 - add me and let's visit each other's island's!

Another favorite of mine, is this photo of Andres and I from out engagement session, taken by our dear friend Morgan Flanagan (check out her photography!). That day was FREEZING, but we had so much fun together. It might seem a little silly to have a photo of us on my desk when we live together and pretty much spend all of our time together, but it’s a nice memory. Also pictured, my Art Oracle cards, gifted to me by my best friend Colleen.

  • UPDATE: Right before publishing this blog, I changed my entire desk set up (and also, I will have a new work from home buddy that needs an introduction), so, check back in a few weeks for a tiny work from home space update. I promise it will be adorable. ;)

Let me know in the comments what YOUR work from home set up must-haves are!

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