Intimate Moments from 6 Feet Away

Firstly, sorry for the lack of blog post last week. The death's of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have been weighing on me, and I wanted to spend some time both reflecting and finding ways to use my talents for activism. More on that in another post.

Today is a big day, because after months of not doing any sort of headshot photography, I am officially opening up booking again! I wrote the below post a few weeks back, but here's some info on how I'm choosing to move forward. Also note, that with upcoming headshot sessions, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Covid-19 has changed pretty much everything. And that’s OK. We’re gonna be okay, and we’re going to learn how to move forward.

That’s been something incredibly difficult for me to wrap my mind around. But I think I’m almost there. As an actor, I’m around people and in emotionally intimate and physically close spaces with others constantly. As a headshot photographer, it’s not too different, with each session being a give and take of vulnerability with the actors that come into our home to shoot.

But now actors can’t come into our tiny, “junior” one bedroom apartment to talk about theatre and film and their lives and their dreams and to take some pictures. So we’ve had to figure out how to adjust. How to adjust our format for this brand new world. And it’s hard.

(Pictured, Andres Alejandro)

I did some test shots with Andres last week, on a slightly overcast day. He and I are engaged, so creating trust in a session isn’t that difficult. When I showed the photos to my friend Alex, she said “somehow, they feel more intimate”, and that really struck me. Because I see it too. There’s almost a longing for connection happening with the camera that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen in any other photos I’ve taken.

(Pictured, Alexandra Joy - follow her on Instagram: @alexandrajoy17)

Maybe it’s because we are standing so much further away - and you literally have to focus on the lens to try to make that ‘spark’ happen. I don’t really know. But it will be interesting to learn how to maneuver in the coming weeks as we begin to invite people to the field next to our apartment to attempt to create intimate moments from 6+ feet away.

(Pictured, David Singleton - follow him on Instagram: @david_ddd)

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