for Racial Justice

Creative Direction + Branding + Campaign Lead Designer

My work with Broadway for Racial Justice is ongoing, but in the first few months of the job, it was my responsibility to elevate the branding that already had been established by the previous designer. This included creating an updated style guide, introducing texture to the brand, and incorporating illustrated elements such as brushstrokes that are recognizable throughout our various campaigns.  

Tell Your Social Story

Logo  + Instagram + Photo  Curation

Tell Your Social Story

Logo + Instagram + Image Curation

With Tell Your Social Story, the goal was  to create the right mood, Selling services as a Social Media Marketing Expert can be tricky - we wanted to make sure that the feed and related templates created felt cool, but remained attainable for Michelle's target audience. I'm really pleased with the balance we were able to strike here. 

Travel Herstory

Logo + Web + Instagram + Pinterest

For Travel HerStory, Michelle and I talked a lot about vintage maps and mid century travel posters. Using the color palette that she'd already established across social media, I created templates for her to use across Instagram + Pinterest, plus small icons and logos for use on her website.

West Tenth

Facebook + Instagram + Pinterest

West 10th is a "virtual Main Street", focusing on women-owned businesses. I joined the team at the end of 2020, and was responsible for designing various templates for Pinterest, Facebook, and ads for the app. 

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