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The story of “AMCO”, like most real life stories, isn’t a linear one. My life passion’s have been intertwined since day one, and I’ve spent many hours grappling with the idea that I have to choose one over the other. Am I a performer, or a visual artist?


My introduction to art isn’t something I really remember. I’ve always loved to draw and paint and make collages. When I was about twelve I was introduced to Paint Shop Pro (a program similar to photoshop), and my love for digital art was ignited. As a shy kid, I spent most of my free time when I wasn’t in dance classes, on my laptop. Teaching myself how to make all kinds of things. By the time I became a teenager and finally got my hands on Photoshop, I’d already started to develop a style (I was obsessed with using texture), and loved big bold bursts of color, traits that I think are still pretty relevant in my work today. 


When I went away to college (where I received a degree in Film & Television Performance) visual art was on the back burner, and it wasn’t really until I returned home to DC that I felt inspired to begin creating in tandem with the art I was making as an actor. When the idea struck to combine my love of film and tv with my love of art, beginning to focus in on key art for the entertainment industry, everything really began to fall into place. I was able to apply the skills I learned as an actor, especially how to break down a script and get to the real meat of a story and use my inside knowledge of the industry to connect with directors and producers. 


You can see my most recent work with NYC's The Civilians, Houses on the Moon Theatre Company, Broadway for Racial Justice, and Netflix (Black Summer season 2). 

Over the past 15 years I've developed a style that I think it unique, bold, and always tells a story I hope you'll stick around and explore some of my work.