I've loved art my entire life. As a kid, I spent hours upon hours drawing my favorite characters, designing costumes, and sharing my dance obsession with far to many drawings of pointe shoes. For me, life was a constant back and forth pull between being a performer, and being a visual artist. I truly believed I had to choose one. And I chose performing. I went to college for acting after breaking my back and ruining any real chanceI had of joining dance company. There I fell in love  with the complexity and collaborative nature of cinema, and found myself pulled into the delightfully weird world of fan art. It wasn't until I gained a sizable  following on Tumblr, and had some classmates go "I'd buy that", that I realized that my love could be more than just a hobby. A few years later I, like so many actors who go to New York but then return back to to their  hometowns, was struggling to find a "regular"  job with my acting degree. And with no formal design or art training, I was at a loss as to how to move forward as an artist. And that's when the idea of really began to bloom.  


I decided to combine my love for art, and film, and started creating fan posters for some of my favorite movies. I also created a ton of 'fake' film posters, just to build a portfolio to be able to share with people what I could do. By year two, I was able to self sustain as a key artists, working both with theatre companies and indie filmmakers. And then I had another thought. How could I serve the artists around me, many who were struggling just like I was? So born out of the idea that "starving artists" were already struggling enough, I had the realization that low-budget didn't have to mean low-quality. For years as an actor, I shelled out several hundreds of dollars at a time, every few years for headshots that I ended up not being in love with. And so I decided instead of continuing to be frustrated, I'd figure out how to fix my own problem. Just over a year later, we (my fiancé and I) are the premiere destination for DC actors looking for a headshot that really feels like 'them'. 


As a designer, over the past 15 years I've developed a style that I think it unique, bold, and always tells a story. I've had the pleasure of working with clients in New York, Los Angeles, and here in DC, and am a creative partner at Hot Topic, where I have three different lines of tee-shirts currently in production. I've worked tirelessly to put my work on the map and become a trusted resource for independent filmmakers, small regional theatre companies, and hope you'll stick around and explore some of my work. 



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